AI Family Challenge – 13 th July ,2018

ARDSP MADURAI, 13th Jul 2018

AI Family Challenge aims to encourage the students to enhance awareness on AI technologies and tools in order to solve the problems in their communities around transportation, community-building, health, education, crime, safety, air and water quality, emotional well being, and the environment.


At the end of the event, to make students understand the basics concept of
 Mathematical sciences.

 AI Family Challenge – Engineer a safe stopping robot.

Students developed the fundamentals of basic Science, Mathematics in a fun way and applied them as an experiment, which would strengthen their skills.


AI Family Challenge 13-07-2018, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Timings Activities Speakers

[5:00 pm] to [5:15 pm]   – Registration                                                                          -Mr.Arun Kumar
[5:15 pm] to [5:25 pm]    – Introduction                                                                         -Mr.Ram Kumar
[5:25 pm] to [6:45 pm]   -AI family challenge – Engineer a safe stopping robot   -Mr.Santhosh
[6:45 pm] to [7:00 pm]   – Conclusion                                                                            -Mr.Mathan Kumar


Received positive comments from the student and they have expressed the interest to learn more about AI.

Engineer a safe stopping robot Kit.


We would like to convey our sincere regards and thankfulness to the attendees for participating in this event.

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