AI family challenge Event organized by Makersmadurai and  GDG Madurai for young School Children’s.


This Event AI family Challenge was conducted for school students to educate them with a practical experiment about AI, Mr.senthil Kumar Community manager GDGMadurai has organized the program for school students in Madurai.

It was conducted by Mr.P Mathankumar(IOT Engineer R&D department GeoMeo Informatics and Mr.R Deepakkumar (IOT R&D department GeoMeo Informatics Madurai )     


Date              :     29-03-2019

Time             :     10.AM-01 PM

Venue           :     Malli Vidyalaya High school Perungudi, Madurai

Session  Type:  Half a day

The Event Was started kickstarted by Mathankumar to give an idea about what is AI and how it will work? After that Deepak kumar had played and explained the demo video about how to build a simple AI in a DIY method?

The students were very enthusiastic on that occasion, then we have given a task by providing them an AI kit and split them by a team of 4

Team  A  Robotic Hand
Team B  No wire circuit
Team C  Build a wind-powered turbine
Team D  Engineer a safe stopping robot


The students were very dedicated creating AI, after the task we had let them discuss the DIY to another group, each student shared their hands-on experience and cleared the doubts to one another, then we encouraged them, at the end of the session all the students shared their interest about AI


10.00am – 10.15 am Introduction (Malli school correspondent)
10.15am – 11.30 am Mr.Mathankumar P (What is AI and how its work)
11.30am – 12.00 pm Mr.Deepakkumar R (demo video about how to build a simple AI in a DIY method)
12.00pm – 12.45 pm Hands on experience
12.45pm – 1.00 pm Team discussion panels and Feed back