Build your own Website – Workshop


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Event Name: Build your own Website

Venue:  Geomeo Informatics Pvt.Ltd., #33/36, IIFloor,ArunachalaArcade, TPKRoad ,Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Date: 10.08.2019

Event type: Full Day

Timings: 09.30a.m to 4.00p.m

Event Hash tag: #Build # Own Website #

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Few statistics:

# Participants Registered 41
# Participants Invited 41
# Participants Attended 32
# Women Participants 07



10.00 A.M.-11.15 A.M.            Introduction

11.15 A.M.-11.30 A.M.             Coffee Break

11.30 A.M.-01.00 P.M.           Demo Session

01.00 P.M.-01.30 P.M.           Lunch Break

01.30 P.M.-03.00 P..M.         Hands On Experience

03.00 P.M.-04.00 P.M.          End Session [Feedback Session]




This Event is concerned about Build your own website


The main objective of this event is to learn how to build own website for Individual

Short Synopsis:

Participants actively participated both theoretically and practically created their own webpage and hosted.

Front end – Html, CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript

Backend – PHP

Hosting – Firebase

  1. Html basics, tags to create webpage
  2. CSS basics, Style, font, hover, Colours to enhance webpage
  3. Bootstrap basics, enhanced look of webpage
  4. Hosting basics, fire base tool to host the webpage.


Link sent to participants to give their feedback.


The Highlights of This Event are as follows:

  1. Create an end-to-end own website
  2. Building of stylish webpage through CSS Bootstrap
  3. Easy web hosting through Firebase


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Photos of the event :

website building workshop

workshop image 2