ABOUT THE EVENT :  AI family challenge Event organized by Makersmadurai and  GDG Madurai for young School Children’s. DESCRIPTION: This Event AI family Challenge was conducted for school students to educate them with a practical experiment about AI, Mr.senthil Kumar Community manager GDGMadurai has organized the program for school students in Madurai. It was conducted by […]

AI Family Challenge – 13 th July ,2018

ARDSP MADURAI, 13th Jul 2018 AI Family Challenge aims to encourage the students to enhance awareness on AI technologies and tools in order to solve the problems in their communities around transportation, community-building, health, education, crime, safety, air and water quality, emotional well being, and the environment. EVENT OVERVIEW At the end of the event, […]


Date: 07.04.2018 Venue: ARDSP, Reserve Line, Madurai On this fine event, the general population of Madurai had a magnificent session about some Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge. About twenty or more families and 10+ cops were taken part and set aside a few minutes as helpful one. Mr.Senthil Kumar, Ex-Qualcomm and Samsung worker, Hosted and took away the […]

Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge, Madurai 2018

  Event Name  :   AI Family Challenge Event Type    :   2 hours Location :   ARDSP, Reserve Line, Madurai. Date   :   07/04/2018 Time :   4.00 pm – 6.00 pm Event Objective :   To make students perform the Curiosity Machine AI FAMILY CHALLENGE 2018 Task     Event Audience Report 20+ […]