Hola! It’s October , it’s time to celebrate, but what? Halloween for some and Diwali for some. But for the Technocrats, it’s Hacktober!! Yes,hacktoberfest has started, if you have not started your contribution, what are you waiting for? Just go and start hacking.  GDG Madurai has taken a great step in piling up students from […]

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Build your own Website – Workshop

  Event Details Event Name: Build your own Website Venue:  Geomeo Informatics Pvt.Ltd., #33/36, IIFloor,ArunachalaArcade, TPKRoad ,Madurai, Tamil Nadu Date: 10.08.2019 Event type: Full Day Timings: 09.30a.m to 4.00p.m Event Hash tag: #Build # Own Website # Event site: https://tinyurl.com/openweb08 Registration link : http://bit.ly/30vs95W   Few statistics: # Participants Registered 41 # Participants Invited 41 # Participants Attended 32 […]

Zoho – Zobot Advanced Bot Building Workshop

Event Details : Event Name: “Zoho – Zobot Advanced Bot Building Workshop” Venue:  Geomeo Informatics Pvt.Ltd., #33/36, II Floor,Arunachala Arcade,TPK Road,Madurai, Tamil Nadu Date: 03.08.2019 Event type: Full Day Timings: 09.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m Event Hash tag: #zobot #zoho #MakersMadurai  Event site: https://www.zohomeetups.com/Zobot-Advancedbotbuildingworkshop-Madurai Few statistics: # Participants Registered 44 # Participants Invited 33 # Participants Attended 32 # […]

Bulid a Recommendation Engine-Powered by IBM cloud

Event Details Event Name : “Bulid a Recommendation Engine-Powered by IBM cloud” Venue:  Makers Madurai, #33/36,II Floor,Arunachala Arcade,TPK Road,Madurai, Tamil Nadu Date: 06.07.2019 Event type: Half Day Timings: 09.30a.m to 3.00p.m Event Hash tag : #ibmcloud, #ibm #makersmadurai Event site: makersmadurai.com Few statistics: # Participants Registered 56 # Participants Invited 49 # Participants Attended 49 […]

Google IoT Platform & Cyber Security Workshop

WORKSHOP DETAILS:  Date : 18-February-2018 Time : 10 am to 5 pm Venue : Geomeoinformatics pvt ltd.,Madurai   ABOUT THE WORKSHOP : This workshop is concerning about the fundamentals of Internet of things(IOT) concepts and cybersecurity awareness    WORKSHOP REPORT : 10+ students participated 2 keynote speakers delivered their tasks 30 % were students   […]