Here’s everything that happened in Technovation @ Madurai

Our GeeksUp and Technovation have organized the Technovation 2018 event in Armed Reserve DSP Office, Madurai. The event witnessed more than 50+ students and 10+ Police Officers.

Mr.Senthil Kumar, Ex Employee of Qualcomm and Samsung, Hosted and took away the show energetically, all the speakers inspired students with their speech. All students were interacted with the speakers for the entire program.

Girls pitched their innovative ideas to resolve the real time problems in society by using the current technologies.

Welcome note was given by Mr.Murugan Deputy Superintendent of Police, Madurai District. Guest Speech to motivate girls in technology given by Mr. Manivannan, Superintendent of police, Madurai.

Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year we invite girls to identify a problem in their community, and then challenge them to solve it.

Girls work in teams to build both a mobile app and a business plan to launch that app, supported by mentors and guided by our curriculum.


Event Details 

Event Name :  Technovation 2018
Event Type :  2 Hours
Location   :  Armed Reserve DSP Office, Madurai
Date :  7/04/2018
Time   :  4.00 pm – 6.00 pm


Event Audience Report

  • 23 Teams of Technovation 2018 and 10+ Police officers were made their presence for the event.
  • Students registered through Technovation 2018


Event Agenda

4.00 pm  – 4.05 pm Welcome Speech
4.05 pm – 4.15 pm Video About Technovation 2018
4.15 am – 4.25 pm Guest Speech to Motivation  Girls in Technology
4.25 pm – 4.35 pm Speech About Technovation 2018
4.35 pm – 4.45 pm Shared their Experience in Technovation 2018
4.45 pm – 4.55 pm Shared their Experience in Technovation 2018
4.55 pm – 5.30 pm Girls Pitched their innovative ideas through story board.
5.30 pm – 5.50 pm Started to make their  Paper Prototype
5.50 pm –  5.55 pm Vote of  Thanks
5.55 pm – 6.00 pm Tea Break and Open for Networking


Conclusion and Feedback

Overall the event was taken forward in a successful manner by Mr. Senthil Kumar his team. The students exposed their innovative ideas and their solutions through the current technologies for the problem statements given to them. We got immense feedback from the students.