Flutter for iOS – An Interactive GDGmadurai Session

Event Date:- 31 November-2020, 

Sunday Time: 6PM to 7.30PM

Venue: MakersMadurai Pasumalai. 

About the Event:

‘Flutter on iOS’ is an interactive event conducted by GDG’s realtime experts who handled flutter on bigger platforms like iOS and Android. GDGMadurai is a technological event that has been built to enhance the developer’s community all around the country. 

‘Flutter on iOS’ is 2020’s first event hosted by the GDGmadurai team and it was hosted by Vignesh(Explained Flutter on Android) and Sundar(Explained Flutter on iOS).

Event Stats:

  1. Invited 200+ people 
  2. 56 People participated in this Event 
  3. Among 56 people 30% were women and 70% were men
  4. 3+ Local IT companies allowed their employees to participated
  5. Among 56 40% were Android developers and remaining were iOS developers.
  6. Two speakers (Vignesh & Sundar) hosted the event

Event Agenda:

6:00 – 6:10 Welcome Note

6:10 – 6:30 Building Flutter app for iOS

6:30 – 6:50 Challenge in publishing flutter app in the app store

6:50 – 7:00 Q & A

7:00 – 7:30 Networking session.

Event Summary:

This is the first time the GDG community has taken Flutter on board for the session. And we were so excited to see the participants were so keen and aware of the importance created for Flutter in recent days! 

Vignesh started his speech with the basic code methodologies with flutter for Android. And he mentioned the difficult and challenging scenarios he faced while compiling the codes and executing the functionalities. 

During the session, it was so good to see some surprising questionnaires happened from the audiences. And Vignesh was answering every question by showing them practically on screen.

This interaction produced a positive vibe among the audience and it continued with the same mood till the end of the session.

The next speaker was Sundar who started his speech regards “Flutter on iOS” before going into the topic, Sundar mentioned how beneficial it will be for iOS developers shortly to handle flutter with ios. And that gave iOS developers a pich of spark to concentrate keenly on how smartly they can handle flutter!

Some of the participants mentioned that they have seen some videos available on youtube for Flutter(for iOS) but it wasn’t solving their doubts. Since all those videos are created with scattered ideas youtube was not good guidance initially! 

And they shared their feedback on how useful our session is for solving their overall queries related to “Flutter on iOS”

These are the 

  1. Flutter – iOS installation and setup
  2. How to setup flutter in Xcode
  3. how to create IPA and to upload in AppStore 

And again a lot of questions arrived from iOS participants and Sundar gave impressive explanations practically and gave them more smart techniques to solve those issues in a quicker time phase.

The Best part during the session was “LIVE STREAM” on facebook. The whole session was streamed live on Facebook and shared with multiple timelines and groups by the audience who came for the event. 

This impact created a huge buzz around people using Facebook and other social platforms that were shared. 

Humungous reach in few Hours: 

Total People Reach – 4,500

Total Video Views – 1,700 

Total Likes – 78

Total Messages received – 22

This is considerably a huge number which was generated in very few given time period. 

Surprisingly we received entries and registrations for our next events via Facebook during the live stream. We have planned to do “live streams” for all our upcoming events which are scheduled for GDGmadurai.