Journey From Vaagdevi To Geeksup



We started our journey of information pursuit to Bengaluru from Warangal and it was an audacious one, Our First day at NASSCOM started with a session by our young and dynamic lead Ms.Vijaya Lakshmi.She asked us to come out with a problem statement related to day to day life activity and requested that we give solution to problem statement by making use of technology. We were requested to finish one noteworthy issue that we as a group would take a shot at it for six days with a specific end goal to give specialized suggestions to determine the issue.Our lead helped us at whatever point we are struck and gave us a profitable push to proceed with the diversion.It was an ideal opportunity to think about utilizations of our insight and industry desires. Mr. Vijetha Shastry (lead-open advancements) assumed up the liability of giving us a look at Internet of things (IOT).

Day 2

Second day was essentially astonishing as we got a chance to meet and co-operate with business people at NASSCOM Office. This helped us to think a lot about the distinctive advancements, and programming equipments utilized by them in their Start-up. We got a thought on the most proficient method to make our task more viable. Everybody shared their encounters about their Start-up travel with us. They have likewise valued our tasks which we are working through “OUT OF BOX“. After such an astounding knowledge next there is an intuitive session by Mrs.Preethi. She shared her involvement in corporate world, what are the difficulties looked by her and how could she defeat them. She likewise demanded us to give more significance to our well being as it is most imperative for the viable working of our mind and heart. She likewise gave an inspiration treat on the most proficient method to enhance ourselves.

Day 3

Third day began with a session by Ms.Vijaya Lakshmi. She gave us a brisk acquaintance on how to construct our own blog. She additionally gave some valuable information which will be helpful to construct an expert blog. One of our colleague Mr.Dheeraj likewise helped us to fabricate a blog. Towards the evening,”OUT OF BOX” group went to a summit directed by “Catalyst for Women Entreprenuers” (CWE). Women Entrepreneurs shared their involvement in the summit and furthermore we become aware of activities of “CWE”. This occasion was generally centred around networking. We interfaced with women business visionaries. This helped us to pitch our thoughts. Next there is a session by Mrs.Mamtha Dalmiya; she shared her trip in this Start-up world. She gave an  insight about her application process of NASSCOM.

Day 4

On Fourth day there are two intelligent sessions one is by Mr. Prem Kumar he tuned in to our thoughts and gave us few thoughts on what sort of devices will be helpful in view of our task thoughts, he additionally disclosed to us that everything may look hard before you begin however once you begin nobody can prevent you from finishing it. Next there is a session by Albert, he postured us few provocative inquiries which helped us to change couple of things in our task. He helped us to think from other points of view as well. We did some real changes in our venture thoughts in the wake of connecting with him.

Day 5

Fifth day is one more awesome experience a few understudies got a chance to go to a workshop at “IBM”. They have learnt around few programming devices there. Though different understudies facilitated site work with the assistance of Vijayalakshmi madam and Rama Krishna sir. After that Mrs. Mamtha Dalmiya came to the meet us and she demonstrated a video “INDIAN KID IBM Watson interview “. We have experienced that video commonly previously yet the way she showed the video is extremely stunning. We watched Tanmay Bhakshi’s video along with her.It is extremely a stunning session, we have learnt how to watch the things in another viewpoint.

Day 6

Last test is here, on 6th day we need to exhibit our problem statement and solution in front of judges and all the Geeksup devotees will watch our presentation through Facebook live session.We got a ton of thanks for our undertaking thoughts from the judges. Indeed, even Mr. Senthil likewise viewed our introduction through video call. He valued our thoughts and furthermore enlightened that we are exceptionally sure regarding our venture while noting the inquiries of judges. Here comes one more incredible experience, we got a chance to visit “QUALCOMM Office”. Mrs.Dhana Lakshmi ma’am guided us in the Qualcomm office. We went to labs at QUALCOMM; Dhana Lakshmi mam gave her reasonable portrayal about the works which will be done in labs. She shared her life experience from her graduation. She likewise shared her work experience in Qualcomm and gave couple of recommendations on our professional objectives. She is an exceptional individual who cherishes to do Community service.She is a motivation to every one of us. Qualcomm visit is an extraordinary ordeal for us. Dismal thing is that it was the last day of our program.