MEDI+CO – “Easy Access Of Getting Needs”

Each out of box students will be part of a group to the thought of some problem statement, which we are looking in our daily life. Here we are going to discuss some solution for the issue that we are facing in our daily life.

People are busy with getting a proper medical consultation. They are facing a lot of difficulties in getting the appointment. So as to conquer the above issue explanation, we will build an application ” MEDI + CO” which acts as a bridge to connect the patient and the doctor in easy connect. It also provides directions to the hospital and images of the hospital. Provides the easy way to getting the appointment to doctor. Waiting in a queue will be avoided. It will be useful for common people and upcoming features will be added to our future work.

  Our vision is “EASY ACCESS OF GETTING NEEDS” for the people.


  • Getting appointment through online by a single click.
  • It saves lots of time in order to stand in a long queue for getting an appointment.
  • Creating a web interface between doctor and the patient.
  • Medicines will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • Proper navigation will be provided through GPS to reach the hospital where we booked us an appointment.
  • Users can honor the doctor by giving some credit points which sort out the doctor to the top of the suggested list.



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