Zoho – Zobot Advanced Bot Building Workshop

zoho event
                                                                          Zoho event 

Event Details :

Event Name: “Zoho – Zobot Advanced Bot Building Workshop”

Venue:  Geomeo Informatics Pvt.Ltd., #33/36, II Floor,Arunachala Arcade,TPK Road,Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Date: 03.08.2019

Event type: Full Day

Timings: 09.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Event Hash tag: #zobot #zoho #MakersMadurai 

Event site: https://www.zohomeetups.com/Zobot-Advancedbotbuildingworkshop-Madurai

Few statistics:

# Participants Registered 44
# Participants Invited 33
# Participants Attended 32
# Women Participants 12



Time Topic
10.00 A.M -10.15 A.M. Welcome Notes
10.15 A.M -11.15 A.M. Theory Sessions
11.15 A.M-11.30 A.M. Coffee Break
11.30 AM -01. 15 P.M Introduction about Zobot

Zoho Building Platform

Zoho Handlers

01.45 p.m.- 4. 00 P.M Develop the Zobot for Website



This Event is concerned about Zoho – Zobot Advanced Bot Building


The main objective of this event is to learn how to create Zoho Advanced Chat-bot

Advanced Zobot Building:

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we get work done. Across the board, AI is eliminating mundane tasks from our daily lives. In this new AI-empowered economy, human attention has become a valuable resource that ought to be applied to only the most important tasks. Chatbot technology has now brought the power and convenience of AI to how humans can interact with computers to get things done. The advances in conversational AI and bot technology continue to accelerate, so staying ahead of the curve is crucial!

ZohoSalesIQ is contributing to this revolution with its highly customizable, integrable, and versatile Zobot that has been designed to meet the diverse needs of different businesses. These bots are receiving lots of positive attention and show great potential for development.

To build on what you’ve learned previously, come join us for our follow-up workshop on Zobot development and get hands-on experience with implementation. At this workshop, you can brush up your Zobot basics and build skills along with our experts who will share tips and best practices while addressing the common challenges faced on the bot platform. Also, you can share your own ideas and tell us about the solutions you have built after the previous session.

zoho event
                                                        Participants Build Their Own Bots


The Highlights of This Event are as follows:

  1. Create an end-to-end customer engagement bot and a real estate bot.
  2. Advanced Building of Chat Bot