Open web challenge


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Open Web Challenge is the second stage, where the students get a Hands-On experience with the tools and technologies which they were exposed to, in the experience day.
They will be trained on tech like HTML, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps and Firebase. At the end of the day, the students will have built their own portfolio and distribute it on a cloud service.

Reach us

Every Day

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • 9:00 : 09:30 AM   Check in the program
  • 9:30 : 10:00 AM   Introduce about Yourself
  • 10:00 : 11:00 AM   Find a filler - write about them
  • 11:00 : 12:15 PM   Introduction to web technologies
  • 12:30 : 1:30 PM   Let's Signup
  • 2:00 : 2:30 PM   Bio Photo & Video Shoot
  • 2:30 : 4:00 PM   Building your own Website
  • 4:00 : 4:30 PM   Hosting Website and Deliverable submit
  • 4:30 : 5:00 PM   Feedback and Networking


  • URL: Github, Meetup, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Stackoverflow, Hosted webpage
  • Medium feedback article
  • Testimonial Video


  • Top 5 winners will get free scholarship to attend the codeTrekk program.
  • The portfolio website of the participants will be shared in Geeskup social media page.
  • Blog post about the program with participants experience
  • Acknowledgment and opening and closing.

General Questions

  • Will you provide certificate ?
    Yes, we will provide e-certificate.
  • Who can participate?
    Students, developer, anyone interested to learn web technology.
  • When will i go to out of box ?
    As soon as you get selected we will send you an email.