1. Can I get more information about WBH?
World Blockchain Hackathon is the initiative of GeeksUp and Vaagdevi College Of Engineering. It is the best platform to network,collaborate and learn from brilliant minds.

2. Why should I attend WBH?
As a delegate you can network with Students and young professionals who are passionate about the technological advancements. It can be a life changing experience for passionate students from all streams of Engineering to network and grow with IEEE and IEEE Computer society.

3. What are the benefits of WBH for IEEE professional members?
WBH is an extra-ordinary platform for the professional members across India to collaborate with the peer members from academia and industry. There will be specific networking sessions and skill building sessions.Through WBH one can get hands on experience on how to build a dApp using Blockchain.

4. What is the congress registration procedure?
You can reserve your slot by paying Registration fee directly.

5. What is the theme of the Hackathon?
The theme of the event is Building A Decentralised Blockchain Application to solve Community Problems.

6. Is it possible to have an extended accommodation (before or after the event)?
No, an extended accommodation before and after the event will not be provided. But the accommodation on august 31st and September 1st will be arranged for all the participants.

7. Can I know the registration fee?
Registration fee details: (in INR)
Registration fee is
Subtotal : 600/-
GST: 18/-
Processing Fee: 29.17/-
Total: 647

8. When should I pay for the Hackathon?
Payment can be done while registering for the Hackathon. Either group payments or individual payments are allowed.

9. How can I cancel the registration I made?
Registrations once done, cannot be cancelled.

10. Are there any offers or discounts on registration?
No there is no discount on Registration fee.

11. Are there any prerequisites related to IEEE for attending the event?
The event is also open to non-IEEE members. Graduate and Undergraduate students from different parts of world can attend the event.

12. Does my registration fee include food on all days of the event?
Yes. The registration fee includes food for the two days of the event.

13. Is accommodation fee included in Registration fee?
No, Accomodation fee can be paid at the venue, if accommodation is required we will mail you the complete details before one week of event.

14. Is it possible to send a substitute delegate in case of my unavailability to attend the event?
No, it is not possible. Once you register yourself as a confirmed participant, your registration cannot be cancelled.

15.What is the procedure for registration?
​ First click on the WBH Registration link and give the answers of your particulars and pay the registration fee as mentioned,its an online transaction.After completing the transaction you will be getting a confirmation message/Explara Invoice to your mail as you registered for WBH.

16. Do we get any kits or catalogs?
​Yes,you will be given a kit and also active participants will be given some goodies.

17.Do we have transportation facility?
​ Yes,you will have the local transportation facility we will be providing buses to your Destination in Warangal.

18. How can I cancel my registration?
​There is no chance of cancellation of your registration

19. Is there any spot registrations available?
​Spot Registrations may or may not be available as per the time and people registered to the event.

20. Do we need to get any I'd proofs?
​No,you will be provided with I'd cards after showing your registration confirmation message/Explara Invoice.

21. Do we need to get laptops or will you provide us?
​It's better getting your own laptops, if you do not have laptop we will be provide you with a system.

22. Are we made groups by you are do we have to form groups by ourselves?
You can form a group with students from different streams while registering. If you cannot find a team we will make you into teams.

23. Team members can be from different colleges?
Yes, team members can be from different universities/organisations

24. Having any other queries?
Send a mail to wbh18.vaag@gmail.com

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